Road Trip

We are in spring mode now with the weather warming up, and travel plans are being made.  We can store the snow shovel away along with the fear of icy roads. Naturally, we want to get out and see the trees and flowers blossom and to prepare for our road trips (even if they may only be weekend excursions).  Some of us have our road trips on a daily basis when we commute to and from work, during all hours of the day.

I would like to point out a recurrent irritation for me during my commutes to and from D.C.:  the sun glare that I would have to contend with on a daily basis.  Depending on the time of year, you too may have had to deal with this tricky hazard in morning and evening rush hour.  As you’re driving you can lower the sun visor, but your visibility is still impaired.  I have had times when I was not sure if a stoplight was red or green due to the glare on the windshield, and have had trouble seeing brake lights in front of me because of the blinding sheen.windshield-glare

If you’re a cigarette smoker, the residual can further impair your visibility. It can be difficult to see clearly through your windshield with the cloudiness, especially with the glare of the sun intensifying the dirty windshield glass that has smoke residue accumulated on it.

The issue of a blinding glare is not reserved solely between the sun rising or setting, even though that can be troubling enough. I have experienced equally dangerous situations at night with oncoming headlights.  With the new halogen headlights that are installed on cars and trucks, it is all too easy to be to be nearly blinded by approaching vehicles.  I have had oncoming lights emit such a bright beam that I was not sure if I was staying in my lane, or on a curvy road, keeping it “between the ditches” so to speak.windshield-glare_night

I would suggest that when you fill up your vehicle for travel, take a moment and clean your windshield.  Usually, we’re all in a hurry, and cleaning a windshield doesn’t seem like a priority. To take those few extra minutes can make your trip or commute exponentially more enjoyable and safe.

Thank you for taking the time to send in a review.  Reviews help me find ways to improve customer service and the product.  Please take time to look at Katherine’s review of a microfiber slick glass cloth that is used to clean and detail automotive windshield glass, windows, and electronic slick surfaces, leaving them streak-free, speck-free, smudge-free and spotless. 

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